Title: Are you rendering to God His due?
Date: 2016-03-06
Scripture: Matthew 22:15-22
Series: Matthew
Speaker: Joe Allyn
Event: Sunday - AM
Download: here
Keywords: Overview: Are you rendering God His due? Rulers take counsel together against the Lᴏʀᴅ’s Anointed (15-16a, 23:5, Lk. 20:20, Ps. 2:2) With flattering lips and double heart they speak (16b-17a, 18, Ps. 12:2, Prov. 29:5) It’s a hidden a trap for Jesus (17b, Ps. 142:3, Acts 5:37, Luke 23:1-2) Their coin and it’s likeness and inscription (19-21a) His marvelous answer (21b-22, Luke 15:8-10)