Title: WSC 33 Justification
Date: 2018-01-28
Scripture: Romans 3-5
Series: Catechism
Speaker: Joe Allyn
Event: Sunday - PM
Download: here
Keywords: Overview: ** We apologize that the recording of this sermon cut off early. ** God is both just and justifier of the ungodly – therefore let no one condemn you! In Romans Paul is telling us the Gospel and its logic (Rom 1:1-3, 16-19, 29-31; 2:1; 3:10) Will God justify or condemn? (Deut. 25:1, Prov 17:15) God justifies the ungodly! (Rom. 4:5, 3:26) Sinners in Adam, Righteous in Christ (Rom. 5:12-19) Who is there to condemn? (Rom. 8:33-34, Pr. 12:18)